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5 Reasons to Try a Vermont Walking Tour

We could list dozens of reasons to book a Vermont inn-to-inn walking tour. Here are our top 5!

1. Cozy Bed & Breakfasts

When you choose an inn-to-inn tour with Country Mile Vermont, you will stay at carefully selected local inns that are rich in history, charm and modern comforts. All of our tours include private baths and a delicious daily breakfast. We're privileged to partner with some wonderful innkeepers who will make sure you feel at home away from home.

2. Quality Time with Friends and Family

There's no better way to reconnect with loved ones or reacquaint yourself with old friends than on a hiking tour through the scenic Vermont countryside. You'll have plenty of time in the fresh air away from screens and distractions, without the burdens or limitations of a traditional backpacking trip.

3. Delicious Local Food

Vermont is one of the best states for farm-to-table dining, and there's nothing better than settling in for a nice meal after a long day of hiking followed by a hot shower. Not that you'll need to eat granola during your hike: we pride ourselves on providing tasty, European-style "trail lunches" featuring some of our favorite local foods.

4. Swimming Holes

This one is self-explanatory...for our summer tours, at least! Fall Foliage season is a beautiful time to visit, but you'd have to be

hardier than us to take the plunge in October.

5. Confidence and Self-Reliance

While we're always on hand to support you during your tour, there's a sense of achievement and independence that comes from navigating your way cross-country from A to B. Our guests leave feeling invigorated and more confident in their backcountry travel abilities.

If you'd like to learn more about what a Country Mile Vermont tour could look like for you or your group, please send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you!


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